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Greg Miller gmiller at classic-games.com
Fri Jul 23 17:05:00 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

I'm going to post this reply to the list (with the NetZero advert
removed, of course), since it contains a more detailed description of
what I have in mind...

"Quzah [softhome]" wrote:

[snipped system description: the system uses a heirarchy of major areas
(head, for example) that have a damage limit. Sub-parts (eyes, for
example) can become useless when damaged]

Interesting approach... I've not seen one that used a heirarchy like

> I actually implemented this into a MERC and had it work as
> well as it did in my pen and paper. It made you think a bit
> more if the combat was worth it or not. (Perm death is the
> only way to go IMO.) I never got around to implementing non-

Heh, might be interesting to see what effect it had on a PK-oriented
mud. Wonder if the result would end up a lot like XTrek with a few
people racking up kills and the less skilled people repeatedly starting

> humaniod body styles but they would have functioned in the
> same manner. I would have just assigned different body parts
> and sub parts and multipliers.

What I'm contemplating at the moment is slightly different... Each time
a player is hit, he receives a wound. The wound has a location (along
the lines of your six parts, mostly, but I haven't decided whether to
handle things like eye injuries) and a set of "severity numbers" for
bleeding, depth of cut, bone breakage, etc. Each location would have its
own maximum tolerance in each area. Any wound that exceeds any tolerance
is immediately fatal.

Blood loss and exhaustion are cumulative without respect to location.
Injuries also have penalty modifiers to attacking, damaging, parrying,
dodging, etc, which may kill you indirectly.

I've implemented a couple of variations on Diku bases for my personal
testing, and it seems to be quite easy to implement. In the real thing,
I may add things like infected wounds, etc. since they should be pretty
easy to do.
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