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Sat Jul 24 12:02:58 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

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> From: Jp Calderone <exarkun at flashmail.com>
> You can limit the area where players can kill (Or not base the system
> on killing, a solution I much prefer), give them 5% of the population
> to work on, and simulate population levels behind the scenes, only
> moving from there to the playing field when a species is in low numbers
> on the playing field.  That's really the only solution in a kill-based
> system I can think of.  I'm curious if anyone else has solved this
> extinction problem in another way.

One solution could be to have 'protected species', such that in order for
them to be hunted a player must purchase 'kill tags' from the local warden.
If the species is meant to be very rare then the price oof the tag is very
high. It wont stop people killing them, but I will bet you a lot of gold and
silver that a majority of the players wont want to pay for kills. Penalties
for killing without a tag can range from a fine, imprisonment, charisma
loss, bad karma with trade folk (they buy for less and sell for more than
normal) etc... Post a sign at the wardens lodge of creatures that require
tags. Just a thought.

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