[MUD-Dev] mud vs. mush membership

Jay Carlson nop at mitre.org
Tue Jul 27 10:27:55 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

Adam Wiggins writes:

> Here's my informal poll from the mud connector.  (BTW if your favorite
> mud isn't listed on the mud connector, or is out of date, bug the admin -
> especially if YOU are the admin. :) This thing has been a great
> resource to
> the mud community for a long time.)

No.  My favorite mud isn't publicized, and the users and the administrators
are pretty happy about that.

There are a lot of, say, MOO and MUSH servers out there that have
substantial steady user bases that are not seeking publicity.  JHM isn't in
mudconnector, and I don't think anyone really cares whether it gets listed
there; the one I care most about now will be actively pissed off if it gets
listed.  Obviously stealth will distort those kinds of statistics, but I
have this gut feeling that the more social muds will care more about being
stealthy in the long term.


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