[MUD-Dev] an idea..wondering if this has been done

Par Winzell zell at alyx.com
Mon Aug 16 13:44:05 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

Pardon for these outdated replies, but...

 > On Thursday, July 15, 1999, Christopher Allen wrote:
 > >The Skotos mudlib is all edited and administered using a web browser and
 > >HTML forms, and the contents of the database are in XML. We hope to have a
 > >non-commercial version of it available in October.
 > You say here that the contents of the database are in XML.  Does this mean
 > that your database is actually storing flat text (XML)?  Or are you storing
 > structured information that you happen to present in many contexts via XML?

The latter. There is no restriction on how objects handle their internal
states; XML comes into play when they voluntarily describe (a subset of)
their public interface. This description is then used to export state in
some desirable format -- such as XML -- and can also be transformed into
e.g. a DTD.

The obvious advantage of XML is the profusion of brilliant XML authoring
applications that admittedly seem conspicously absent at present but are
surely -just- around the corner...? :-)

The XML editors I've seen mostly seem to be either enhanced text editors,
tree-structure editors, or very high-caliber documentation software from
the SGML camp that's been tweaked to handle XML. None of these categories
interest me much. I want on-the-fly, generic GUI generation -- are there
any such efforts underway that people know of? I have not tried XMetal...

 > Since you are making a
 > non-commercial version available, are you planning on communicating
 > beforehand what your DTDs might look like, or will we just have to hear that
 > they are coming in October? :)

I expect they'll be mutating all the way up 'til release, especially so
since they are twice derived descriptions rather than primal definitions.

 >  - Bruce, who will one day have stuff to share after leaving Cold and is in
 > the midst of a total re-think of the underlying server technologies.

Tell more!


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