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Sellers Sellers
Wed Sep 1 09:23:22 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

Ilya wrote:
> On Wed, 01 Sep 1999 12:25:40 +1200, Colin Coghill wrote:
> ))
> ))Something I've been toying with is letting player characters train
> ))their skills, and spend time learning and so on, while offline.
> ))
> ))So if you're in a library when you quit, you may log back on to
> ))find your knowledge has increased. Or if you're in the wilderness
> ))you come back to discover your hunting skills improved.
> ))
> ))Nowhere near the speed they would if you were actively 
> playing (after
> ))all, this is no-risk), but still quickly enough that your character
> ))doesn't stand still if you're away for a week.
> ))
> ))I'm not sure how well it'll work.
> ))
> ))- Colin
> I love it!  It was done in this great paper and pencil game that
> I played a lot around 1982 when I was off work for several months
> with cancer.  Played a LOT of games back then!  Anyway, this was
> a game of the time of Cyrano, and you played a low life in France
> that could perhaps climb slowly to the top of the social ladder
> and maybe swashbuckle and toady a bit along the way.

Are you thinking of En Garde?  Very interesting game.  I think I still have
a copy someplace.  It set up a lot of very Musketeerish role playing
opportunities.  I suspect there are good mud applications there too.

Mike Sellers

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