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Wes Connell wconnell at adhesive.com
Wed Sep 1 11:36:50 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

On Wed, 1 Sep 1999, Colin Coghill wrote:

> Something I've been toying with is letting player characters train
> their skills, and spend time learning and so on, while offline.
> So if you're in a library when you quit, you may log back on to
> find your knowledge has increased. Or if you're in the wilderness
> you come back to discover your hunting skills improved.
> Nowhere near the speed they would if you were actively playing (after
> all, this is no-risk), but still quickly enough that your character
> doesn't stand still if you're away for a week.

Another twist to the idea: In AD&D it takes many weeks to create a magical
item. Just allow the PC to "work" on the item while offline. The
limitation to the character would be that he/she would could not do
anything until the item was completed or else ruin the item. The PC would
also have to log out in a very safe area (castle, tower, etc). 

There are some major drawbacks. A powergamer could somewhat create a magic
item factory. He just has his mule magician characters start creating an
item while he goes and kills stuff with his warrior.

Or in Colin's scenario: Bubba says 'my character needs some hunting
skills...brb with Boffo so we can go quest.' Bubba then logs out in the
woods and logs back in with Boffo. 

This kinda lets you play two characters at once. A possible way around the
problems is to have characters reside under a player account ( like UO ).
Then create a separate holding tank for 'learning' characters. If a
character logs out with the 'learning' option on, the he/she can only log
back on with that character until the 'learning' flag is off. 

Other things you would have to worry about would be skill gain/loss
thresholds and such. But that is no biggie. Super idea though!

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