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Sellers Sellers
Fri Sep 3 15:16:12 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

Wes Connell wrote:
> Another twist to the idea: In AD&D it takes many weeks to create a magical
> item. Just allow the PC to "work" on the item while offline. The
> limitation to the character would be that he/she would could not do
> anything until the item was completed or else ruin the item. The PC would
> also have to log out in a very safe area (castle, tower, etc). 
> There are some major drawbacks. A powergamer could somewhat create a magic
> item factory. He just has his mule magician characters start creating an
> item while he goes and kills stuff with his warrior.

That's not a problem if the magicians cost a lot to maintain: they have a
lifestyle to which they are accustomed, and of course it costs *a lot* for
materials and such to make magic items.  This would give the warrior good
reason to go out and continually be killing stuff while he waits for the
panty-waist ivory-tower types to finally come up with something worthwhile.

You could do this with NPCs instead of mule characters too.  It'd be
interesting to see one player with a PC wizard and NPC warrior drones, and
another with a PC warrior and some NPC wizards -- either strategy would
work, depending on where the player wanted to focus their attention.   

> Or in Colin's scenario: Bubba says 'my character needs some hunting
> skills...brb with Boffo so we can go quest.' Bubba then logs 
> out in the woods and logs back in with Boffo. 

I like that.  

Mike Sellers

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