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Greg Miller gmiller at classic-games.com
Fri Sep 3 23:09:13 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

Marian Griffith wrote:
> On the contrary. We are talking about the tailor and her dilemma. For
> -her- being forced to learn to fight and spent a lot of time doing so
> is obviously not the right solution.

Indeed, the obvious solution for any player is to give them anything
they want when they want it.

> This says nothing definitive about the game,  though if the game does
> allow the tailor it should also address this dilemma in some form. If
> it fails to do so  it is in essence unfair to the players who want to
> be tailors, because it promises something that it can not deliver.

And if the game offers the option to stand still in the forest, it's
unfair to people who want to do that if an orc could wander along and
kill them? Eliminating such things is simply not feasible.
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