[MUD-Dev] Game design and gender: An interesting article

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caliban at darklock.com writes:

>  >I think this is true to some extent for both boys and girls... 
>  Certainly. However, a good game with bad graphics will usually be just fine
>  with boys, and boys tend to be more accepting of technical flaws. 

I disagree.  the men/boys/male humans that i know that play games tend to be 
highly intolerant of flaws and bad graphics.  it may be due to that the 
majority of men that I know are programmers or systems engineers...

Myself, I don't really care about the graphics too much if I like the game, 
but good graphics are indeed more fun.

The majority of people I have run into on the various MOO's (I have no 
experience with MUD's at all, just MOO's) were men.  I don't like that huge 
gender gap to be honest.

wils, geekwoman

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