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At 12:21 PM 9/4/99 -0700, Caliban wrote:
>On 05:37 PM 9/2/1999 -0400, I personally witnessed Laurel Fan jumping up to
>>Excerpts from muddev: 31-Aug-99 Re: [MUD-Dev] Game design a.. by Caliban
>>T. Darklock at dark 
>>> It must be cheap.
>>> Boys will not blink at a sixty dollar price tag. Girls will. 
>>Not really.  My sister (who I would consider a more "typical" girl than
>>I) would think nothing of paying more than $60 for a dress, which is
>>arguably no less frivolous than a game.  
>Needs rather than wants, I'd say. You *have* to have clothes. It only makes
>sense to buy nice ones. If you never in your life bought or owned a single
>game, no one would care. If you never bought or owned clothes, you would
>have something of a problem. 

But if you already own ten dresses, you really don't need another one,
do you?

>>> It must be flawless. 
>>> It must be pretty. 
>>I think this is true to some extent for both boys and girls... 
>Certainly. However, a good game with bad graphics will usually be just fine
>with boys, and boys tend to be more accepting of technical flaws. 

I'd say this is arguable. Perhaps the self-titled "hardcore" gamers would
disregard graphics, but for the majority of male players, beauty is a very
high priority. Games with good gameplay but poor graphics rarely do as
well as games with poor gameplay but state of the art graphics.


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