[MUD-Dev] An Introduction

Hess Hess
Tue Sep 7 17:19:26 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

	My name is Ian Hess.  I have been following the archives for a month
or so, and thought it was probably time to ask a few questions regarding a
Mud-coding project that I am in the early stages of building.
 	I have a light programming background (QuickBasic and Java), but
have a good deal of experience planning and running tabletop and Live-Action
games.  I have developed mechanic sets for these projects in the past, and
have the seemingly typical experience writing and playing/composing music.

	I'm in the process of forming a design document of sorts, including
feature lists, needed commands, and the content enviroment I would like to
present.  I am doing this because I find myself in the awkward position of
having a wealth of content I would like to implement and trying to find a
clean, efficient way of developing a game which will support that content.
	One thing I wanted to ask your opinions on:  
	Should a designer attempt to curtail "dark" content (as might be
found in a story or atmosphere driven Cthulhu, Masquerade, or perhaps Kult
tabletop RPG) for either reasons of limiting the prospective audience, or
the difficulties in verifying the age of the players?
	I'm not talking about gore or explicit sexual artwork. I am,
however, talking about the kind of content one would usually see restricted
in a horror or supernatural thriller movie setting.


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