[MUD-Dev] The Relationship between pkers and monster AI?

Jeremy Jeremy
Wed Sep 8 08:11:04 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

On Wed, 8 Sep 1999, Tony Wilkinson wrote:

> hi guys, I would like to get your thoughts on the relationship between the
> level of pker activity and the AI of the monsters in MMORPGs.
> None of the MMORPGs to date have very strong monster AI (because of resourse
> limitations I guess) but if for example the monsters were "smarter" would it
> stop players from looking to PvP for their kicks? In Close Combat 3, the
> computer behaves so "intelligently" that you genuinely have to keep telling
> yourself it's not another person. If that sort of AI was on a MMORPG, would
> the need to clamp down on player killing be so necessary?
> I do feel there is some truth in this argument and I'm interested to get
> your take on it...

Of course.  The problem is that for muds (UO and EQ still qualify under my
definition) the AI is never going to be on the same level as a human
opponent.  Example: In EQ I was playing a little level 4 ranger (an extreme
newbie) and a level 11 player annoyed me by taking a kill so I challenged
that player to a duel (pointless, as a level 11 should stomp all over a
level 4).  I saw that he was casting an area affect damage spell and started
circling, gradually drawing him close to a guard.  Eventually (and with only
a few of my hp to spare) his area affect spell caught the guard who promptly
killed him.  This is the kind of thinking that in-game AIs are never (or at
least not anytime soon) going to be able to replicate and what makes PvP the
thrill that it is.

Second example: Unreal has a "botmatch" which is just a deathmatch against 4
or 5 computer controlled characters.  This is something where they have
heavily worked on the AI to make it deadly and effective, but it still
doesn't compare to facing off 1 on 1 versus another person.  The 5 computer
controlled bots together don't have the skill/cunning that a single good
opponent will show.

Yes, there is truth in your argument, but the truth is that computers aren't
quite up to providing a challenge that can live up to a real live opponent.

Sterling @ Wyld Knight

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