[MUD-Dev] The Relationship between pkers and monster AI?

David Holz david at mf-net.com
Wed Sep 8 16:01:52 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

From: Mik Clarke <mikclrk at ibm.net>
> Allow a player to log in as a mob, probably a fairly powerful one.
> Then,
> restricted to just their game abilities, let them go take on the real
> players.  A new baddy (or baddy personality) every week.  Tie the mob
> into a game quest and give player rewards for defeating it.  The guy
> running the mob gets the savage joy of devouring the players he can kill
> and, if he 'wins', may get to do something fairly destructive (but he
> might have to solve a quest of his own to do it).  An immortal or two
> should probably be lurking in the back ground, just to check for abuses.
> This would also let a player get violent and destructive without harming
> thier normal charater.

But this merely borders on having a moderately limited race war.
Personally, I'm gearing towards making 2 or 3 large home towns/town
clusters, quite far from each other (graphical MUD, so distance really
matters).  If a player wants to PK, he teams up with his own kind (if he
wants to last for any respectable amount of time) and goes out being a
racist bunghole.  Guards, lookouts, and others warn non-PKers of impending
dangers, and give rival PKers a target to go for.  If a player wants to
mob-hack, level up, explore, quest, etc. he can do so, and always have a
safe haven to return to.  Same-race PKing might be implemented (but probably
won't), while forming opposing-race alliances will probably be allowed.
Each race would also have automated fodder mobs hanging around for others to
fight, and to do some limited muling & helping out for same-racers.  Of
course, typical monster mobs & dungeons would be present as well.

This basically makes each race look like a hive of really intelligent mobs
to the other.  It also gives meaning to a race beyond mere stat adjustments.

Maybe there would be some diplomatic side to the game as well...

White Flame (aka David Holz)

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