[MUD-Dev] The Relationship between pkers and monster AI?

Matthew Mihaly diablo at best.com
Fri Sep 10 16:16:33 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

On Sat, 11 Sep 1999, Solmyr of the Azure Star wrote:

> Matthew Mihaly wrote:
> > 
> > My problem with that is that generally there is no way to one-up the
> > justice system. Fantasy muds generally take as their model some sort very
> > fictionalized medieval or classical setting. In these time periods, there
> > was never any sort of over-arching justice system that was particularly
> > effective. It was easy to get away with murder, etc. I guess I don't see
> > why a justice system would be at all effective in the wilderness where
> > there are no witnesses, for instance.
> > --matt
> > 
> Well, the Threshold justice system is like that, in fact. If you kill
> someone in the wilderness, with no witnesses, you are not likely to ever
> be suspected. Plus, the introduction and the death amnesia system
> ensures that the victim cannot "pinpoint" his killer by himself IC even
> if the player knows who it was OOC.

That sounds quite cool, though I've always found it hard to make players
stick to IC without bringing in any OOC. How do they deal with making sure
that the judges aren't being bribed, etc, or is that part of the proces?

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