[MUD-Dev] The Relationship between pkers and monster AI?

Solmyr of the Azure Star solmyr at kolumbus.fi
Fri Sep 10 16:44:53 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

"Sellers, Michael" wrote:
> So the question becomes, how can you acknowledge pkilling and include it as
> *one* component of the game without having it choke out everything else?  My
> answer thus far has been to make sure that pkilling is not the fastest, most
> attractive method for a player to achieve their goal; make sure it carries
> relevant, meaningful risks and costs; and make sure that players can compete
> with each other in other (often less lethal) ways.  I'm interested in what
> answers others come up with too -- beyond just "hey, it's a violent game."
Personally, I like the way pkilling is handled on Threshold. In it,
pkilling is technically allowed (except killing of newbies/lowbies which
is forbidden), but doing so is in most cases considered murder and if
caught, the killer will be prosecuted by the game's in-character justice
system, with various possible penalties.

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