[MUD-Dev] The Relationship between pkers and monster AI?

Mik Clarke mikclrk at ibm.net
Fri Sep 10 20:05:55 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

"Sellers, Michael" wrote:
> The delicate balance that a lot of mud-designers want to reach is that where
> the entertainment value of the potential danger of being PK'ed exists,
> without allowing PKing to take over the game and swamp any other sources of
> enjoyment or entertainment.  PKing should be possible, but not without risk,
> cost, or recourse.  And other forms of competitive behavior should be
> possible too.  IMHO.

Hmmm. Prehaps PKing should set the premadeath flag for the killer (with
some fairly involved process for getting it turned back on again). And
maybe there should be a few extra monsters that seek out pkillers as
obviously aren't getting enough fun out of the mud...

Actually, given my 'equal right for NPCs stance', this should probably
apply to most peaceful mobs as well.


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