[MUD-Dev] The Relationship between pkers and monster AI?

Greg Miller gmiller at classic-games.com
Sat Sep 11 02:09:13 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

Jeremy Music \"Sterling\" wrote:
> killed him.  This is the kind of thinking that in-game AIs are never (or at
> least not anytime soon) going to be able to replicate and what makes PvP the
> thrill that it is.

That's not all there is too it, though... If you die to a mob, you can
almost always get your stuff back. A few hours ago (on Lands of Chaos),
6 of us from my alignment (Valheru) went after 5 from another alignment
(Shadows)... I had mild adrenaline shakes going, of a sort that mobs
don't give, and a lot of that was because of the higher stakes. (For the
record, we lost 1, killed 3 if anyone cares)

That said, there are some things you can do to provide a more human-like
challenge. Make your mobs loot corpses. If you have a "junk" or
"sacrifice" command, they could use it. Have the mobs run away with the
loot, and perhaps make occasional hit-and-run attacks. You don't want to
overdo it, though, since mobs outnumber players by a large margin in a
typical mud. They don't really have to be all that smart about it, they
just need to do the obvious fairly often.
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