[MUD-Dev] The Relationship between pkers and monster AI?

Matthew Mihaly diablo at best.com
Mon Sep 13 14:14:43 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

On Sat, 11 Sep 1999, Jon A. Lambert wrote:

> From: Sellers, Michael <MSellers at maxis.com>
> The person being smacked in the head has chosen one of many possible 
> options.  Appeal to authority.  I submit that reflexive appeal to authority is
> as emotionally immature as reflexive violence.  In fact, I believe it is moreso.

Darn right. "Mommy, billy hit me!!"

> This is important!  Note that most often emotionally-charged entertainment-
> draining negative mud experiences occur because of non-consential PvP 
> social actions.   Thus my earlier comment about the emotionally immature 
> non-PKers are perhaps more numerous than PKers.  The presence or 
> absence of game-mechanics which enable PvP game actions might have 
> no bearing on the enjoyability of the mud.    The more emotionally immature 
> your non-PK audience is, the more frequent "appeals to authority".  I suspect
> "appeals to authority" are may well be less frequent on games that allow PvP.

Absolutely. We definitely have non-consensual PK, but we also have a large
segment of our population that isn't interested. They learn quite quickly
that dealing with adversity is just part of life in Achaea, and that
whining about it isn't going to get them anywhere. Unless it becomes
endemic, they just learn to deal with it, like adults instead of whining
and throwing tantrums like children. The fact is, PK isn't a big deal.
It's like being mugged irl. Deal with it. It's hardly a major
inconvenience compared to what most of humanity throughout the ages has
dealt with.

> Sure...Bartles clubs/hearts relationships.  I posit that weaning one's hearts
> from the teat of administrative nannies may be more effective in producing
> an enjoyable game than expending energy on the perceived club problem.
> A game with weak hearts is far less enjoyable than game with strong hearts.
> OK. Enough punning around. :)

Yes! This is completely true. We spend a lot of effort in Achaea
toughening the spirits of people. We don't coddle them when something bad
happens to them, as it's part of their life in Achaea. If I wanted to run
a mud-version of Candyland, then maybe we could coddle them and wipe away
their tears, but all that sort of behavior gets you is more crying and

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