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Jeremy Jeremy
Tue Sep 14 09:32:16 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

On Sat, 11 Sep 1999, Greg Miller wrote:
> I'd like to see a good western. The hard part is providing something fun
> to do without requiring hand-made quests or violating the western theme
> by allowing people to kill by the hundreds the way we do on
> fantasy-themed muds. There just isn't enough room for a couple hundred
> gunfighters in one western town.

Ideas for a western mud that don't suck:

You're under seige at the Alamo.

You're laying seige to the Alamo.

You're fighting off an indian invasion.

You're fighting in an indian invasion.

Look to the pen n paper rpg Deadlands for clues.  Obviously adjust out the
undead and crazy stuff if you are trying for more realism, but the western
theme and setting should work just as well without the fantasy bits.

Classes?  Pinkerton Detective, Gunslinger, Marshall, Outlaw, etc.
Weapons?  six gun, bull whip, rifle, shotgun, etc.

You will piss somebody off if you have indians, perhaps one of the reasons
it hasn't really been done.  The wild west just wasn't very politically

Sterling @ Wyld Knight

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