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On Wed, 15 Sep 1999, Hess, Ian (Ian) *CTR* wrote:

> I can definately see this controversy if the "Indians" were dealt with as
> rom-eque mobiles.  Do you think there would be as much controversy if the
> game content was written so that there were player subdivisions in the
> "Texan" ranks based on character background (rancher, homesteader,
> cavalryman, etc) and the Indian ranks were also playable as characters
> (divided by tribe and social position)?  A game like that could be seen as
> an online recreationist scenario.

This would help ease the tensions on the PC argument. The only problem I
can see is a classic problem. When most children play Cowboys and Indians
almost all the children want to be the Cowboys. Now whether this is do to
early brainwashing by Western flicks is another argument. But I can
guarantee that there will be an imbalance between Cowboys and Indians. 

A way that may work around it could be to restrict the classes characters
can be. Example: Player1 creates a new character Bubba. When it becomes
time to chose a class the code tallies up how man of each class there are.
The code then allows the character to play only the bottom X classes. Or
even restrict to Cowboys and Indians.

Or if the mud is more RP based ,which it would most likely be given this
them, upon login the code picks out available mob slots and dumps the
character into the slot. Example: Bubba logs in. Before he enters the
world he is given a small list of available types of classes. Once he
picks an open class he is then given a list of mobs of that class he may
inhabit. It then becomes a first come first served basis on who gets to RP
the mean bandits or the shopkeepers.

This can be further expanded into creating your town, bandit village, and
indian camp with only the characters you want.


Welcome to WestMUD!

login: Bubba
password: ******

Available classes: shopkeeper politician beggar indian_chief squaw
> politician

Available mob slots: "Mayor Billy" "Judge Strict" "Councilman Pooh"
> "Judge Strict"

You are standing in Judge Strict's private office. To the west is the
> equipment

You are wearing a long black robe. You are wielding a gavel.
> quit


Welcome to WestMUD!

login: Biffy
password: ********
Available classes: shopkeeper politician beggar indian_scout
> beggar

Available mob slots: "Johnny Nochange"
> "Johnny Nochange"

You are lying on Main Street. Building are all around you.

Blah blah blah

Get the point?

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