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Dundee SkeptAck at antisocial.com
Wed Sep 15 15:40:10 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

"Ilya, Game Commandos" <Ilya at gamecommandos.com> wrote:
> If skill decay is indeed the context, why exactly does playing less or
> being away on vacation turn into a problem anyway?  Because skills =
> even when the character is not playing?

Briefly I considered handicapping skill successes based on the number of
times you've used the skill relative to the number of times everyone else
has used the skill (figuring "skill level" or "skill score" is just an
imprecise count of the number of times you've used a skill anyway, I was
going to be more precise and go with a direct count).

So if you stopped using the skill then it wouldn't really decay, but you
wouldn't get better at it while everyone else _was_ getting better at it.
And since chance of success is based on whether you're better or worse =
the mud average for that skill, the end result would be that you start to
stink at it.

Even over a given time period, it would mean that if the average person
uses the skill 10 times a day, then anyone who uses it less than 10 times=
day is effectively getting worse at it - since whether you are "good" or
"average" or "terrible" at a skill would just depend on where everyone =

Anyway, we're looking at maintaining a mud-wide ratio for each skill:
number of times this skill is used to the number of times all skills are
used.  Then each player will also have a ratio: number of times the =
has used this skill to the number of times he's used any skill.

So a player that uses a skill more often than the mud-average will be
better at it.  Players that use skills less often than average would be
worse at it.  And since it's a ratio and not a skill level then it won't
matter whether you play a lot or a little.  You'll just be better at the
skills you use more often, and worse at the ones you don't.

That does eliminate the "he plays more so he's maxed out on all the =
whereas you suck" sort of thing, but that wasn't my intention.  People =
play more are still going to have more cash and prizes than people who =


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