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Koster Koster
Thu Sep 16 09:36:13 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

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> There's a base player perception principle underlieing this:
>   Players expect, even demand, that the game will always reward them
> for their time investments, and doesn't remove those awards once
> gained.
> This is directly parallel to UOL's fishermen who where incensed when 
> they found out that they could fish all day and not be able to sell
> their caught fish for much more than peanuts.  (Raph, don't you have 
> a law here?)

Of course:

start quote--->
Players have higher expectations of the virtual world
The expectations are higher than of similar actions in the real world. For
example: players will expect all labor to result in profit; they will expect
life to be fair; they will expect to be protected from aggression before the
fact, and not just to seek redress after the fact; they will expect problems
to be resolved quickly; they will expect that their integrity will be
assumed to be beyond reproach; in other words, they will expect too much,
and you will not be able to supply it all. The trick is to manage the
<--- end quote


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