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Dominic J. Eidson sauron at the-infinite.org
Thu Sep 16 12:45:29 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

On Thu, 16 Sep 1999, Koster, Raph wrote:

[Snip a lot]

>                                         (Telnets this month)  (avg)
> #1   Waterdeep                       C        524             16.90323 
> #4   AnimeMUD                        C        386             12.45161 
> #5   Pokemon Also Included           C        377             12.16129 
> #6   Star Wars: Revenge of the Jedi  C        311             10.03226 
> #7   Star Wars: Rise in Power        C        299             9.64516 
> #11  Dragon ball series              C        288             9.29032 
> #12  Pokemon Stars                   R        287             9.25806 
> #13  Final Fantazia Legend           C        280             9.03226 
> #17  Aliens vs. Predator             C        267             8.61290 
> #18  Warhammer 40k: Tides of Chaos   C        263             8.48387 
> #20  Discworld                       C        252             8.12903 
> In fact, there are probably more that I didn't recognize. This is a function
> again of the broadening of the Internet audience. The kids who are looking
> for muds these days are a lot more likely to go looking for something
> familiar. Legend has an edge there over the mixed-theme hack n slash muds.
> But it also has a disadvantage in that history is not likely to seem sexy to
> most teens, who now comprise the majority of the newbie mudding audience.

Well, also, I know that some of those muds (Waterdeep being a prime
example - I snoop around on it occationally to see what they're up to),
highly suggest that people go and do a search for that mud and/or use the
telnet link from mudconnector every time they log on, or everytime they
want to connect to the mud... Occationally there's been the one or other
reward to those who did the most searches, or the most telnets through
mudconnector. My personal belief is that the statistics on the
mudconnector are just that - statistics. They do not neccesarily reflect
how popular the mud is (I know several other muds who *aren't* on the
top-20, but who do the same thing).

What you were writing, is true - most mudders are more interested in your
average HnStockMUD than muds who aren't that. (A lot of the new players I
get delete or quit-and-never-come-back sometime shortly after they find
out that my mud is a roleplay-mud, and as such is rather different from
"most" muds out there. (I'm not trying to make this a h'n's vs. rp muds
thread - 'tis only an example.)

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