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Koster Koster
Thu Sep 16 18:08:38 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

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> 	The following are the aspects of LegendMUD rated on 
> their mudconnector
> listing:


> 	How many of these are going to be things a prospective 
> new player will
> search for?  Saving equipment is basically standard these 
> days, as is ansi
> color.  Everyone says they have extended class selection, just like
> everyone says they are newbie friendly. (only 206 out of the 
> 1400 listed
> don't say they're newbie friendly)  A lot of what you have 
> are negatives,
> such as No multiplaying, no wild pkilling, no character 
> approval.  While
> people may eliminate muds due to those principles, they're 
> not going to be
> what attracts them.

Excellent point. You may have also noticed that the last time Legend updated
its listing was in 1997. Most of the options you list Aarinfel as having
weren't available back then! So I'll go update it now.

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