[MUD-Dev] Attracting players

Mik Clarke mikclrk at ibm.net
Thu Sep 16 21:22:36 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

"Koster, Raph" wrote:
> Interestingly, whereas a year or two ago, the top 20 muds listed on Mud
> Connector (based on Telnet requests) were clearly a few standout popular
> muds (Medievia, Sojourn derivatives, the latest hot mud, and a few stalwarts
> like MUME) today the top 20 looks like a TV channel:
>                                         (Telnets this month)  (avg)
> #1   Waterdeep                       C        524             16.90323
> #4   AnimeMUD                        C        386             12.45161
> #5   Pokemon Also Included           C        377             12.16129
> #6   Star Wars: Revenge of the Jedi  C        311             10.03226
> #7   Star Wars: Rise in Power        C        299             9.64516
> #11  Dragon ball series              C        288             9.29032
> #12  Pokemon Stars                   R        287             9.25806
> #13  Final Fantazia Legend           C        280             9.03226
> #17  Aliens vs. Predator             C        267             8.61290
> #18  Warhammer 40k: Tides of Chaos   C        263             8.48387
> #20  Discworld                       C        252             8.12903

Hmmm. The top 20 looks more like a collection of fan-clubs than a bunch
of muds. Places to go and meet people with similar interests and maybe
explore a little and play around in character. I suspect that they are
mainly social/hobby, tending more towards glorified chat and trading 
rooms... 2 RPG, 4 Anime, 3 SiFi, 1 litery and whatever Final Fantazia

Definetly some better publicity and a strong (and familier) theme needed
and some specialization.

CthulhuMud, while it was running, attracted a small hardcore of
Cthulhu Mythos fans and lots of under 15s, presumably attracted by the
Occult/horror/blood/gore/guts angle (not that we have any more than
any other ROM). That, and those who walk in and ask to be immortals
simply because the mud is new.

I suspect the code and sophistication of the world isn't all that
in recruiting people.  Get a few of the right players to move in to make
it a lively and interesting place though, and word will spread.


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