[MUD-Dev] Attracting players

Ilya Ilya
Fri Sep 17 07:51:04 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

On Thu, 16 Sep 1999 16:14:48 -0700, David Bennett wrote:

))On 9/16/99, at 2:14 PM, John Hopson wrote: 
))>	Andrew and Ilya, any chance of providing us with some statistics on
))>searches?  How often particular terms and search options are used, stuff
))>like that?
))Andrew doesn't read this mailing list...
))Yours in a bunch,

I'll pass it along to Andy right now.

As for the other part, I haven't looked at our little
admin/extranet interface for this function recently, but
we used to keep stats on keywords and options used in
searching.  I'll see if it's still at least in the database.


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