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Adam Wiggins <adam at angel.com> wrote:

> Of course, I imagine that most of the folks playing a big-name
> game like that are used to single-player games where there is no
> comptetion between players for resources.  You either cooperate
> and share all your knowledge, or you try to kill each other
> constantly.  There's no inbetween of 'if I take this, no one else
> can have it' or vice versa.

For a long time SHADES was just such a glorified single-user game.
Eventually Hazeii added the black tower (based on Moorcock) to get in 
which required two seperate players rining two bells in different
locations at the same time.  Additionally, to exit the tower
required one player to climb into a chamber (with all the EQ), and
the other to stand outside and push a button.  The burdened player
would then find themselves in the swap, and the button pushing
player would be trapped under the tower until he was magically
summoned (presumably by the compatriot he set up to the swamp).
This exit ritual required extra trust because SHADES' summon spell
caused the summoned individual to drop everything they were carrying 
of value.

So:  To get in you need two people.  To get out you need two people, 
and one must trust the other both with all their valuable
possessions, and the obligation to rescue them from the tower.

I took __months__ before anybody really figured this out, despite
Hazeii dropping more and more obvious hints and even spelling the
damn thing out in the reponse messages.  Finally he quietly told a
few wiz'es and had them pass it on the sly with mortal characters to 
a few known gabby players.

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