[MUD-Dev] Might not make right...

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On Tue, Aug 31, 1999 at 07:58:40PM -0700, Matthew Mihaly wrote:
> Our combat system is a much more complicated version of what you
> described, and might definitely makes right. Psychological might is just
> as valuable as physical might, and in all cases (outside of just our
> combat system or muds in general) might makes right. I can't imagine of a
> case where mighgt doesn't make right, unless you define right in some
> arbitrary manner in the way the superstitious or believers in natural law
> do.
The strongest warrior can be killed by bacteria, or heart attack, stroke,etc.

Why are cockroaches still here despite humankinds best efforts?

Overtightening a bolt will strip it, sometimes disabling a very expensive
piece of machinery (car,etc).

A computer program can fail to the smallest typo.

A military vessel can fail at the slightest computer failure.

A gun may fail with the slighest introduction of grit.

Forcing a negotation may prompt a negative response.

Striking those around you does not endear them to you (and hopefully they
will leave).

Umm, cant remember the Greek legends name but she could see the future, only
no-one would believe her. This applies to all sorts of intellectual pursuits
which bear fruit that no-one wants to eat.

  On another note, the perception of might is generally more important then
the reality. Clashes of might in reality do tend to fall victim to some
degree of chance and unforseen changes in the conditions of the encounter.

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