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Fri Sep 17 17:37:13 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

At 09:49 AM 09/16/1999 -0500, John Hopson wrote:
>It went from having 2 or 3 choices (No roleplay,
>roleplay encouraged) to having 4 choices and reset our listing from
>"Roleplay required" to "Roleplay allowed".  This caused about a 50% drop
>in our connections until I noticed the change and corrected it.  (Btw,
>Andrew, if you're on here, it might be a good thing to notify muds when
>relevant listing options change)

Whenever our listing options change we post an announcement about it on
our front page... I have always been hesitant about posting email to the
entire admin list, as I feel most don't want to be bothered by it and
would see it as an unsolicited email. In fact, the last time we did this
was in December of 1995 when we changed our entire listing system around
and first added the additional toggle-able options. Am I wrong about this,
as admins, would you really like us to send you periodic emails when
things change? I can do this if it appears a good percentage of the mud
admins feel this way...

Also of note, we had to reset the mud roleplay status when we added the
new options because at the time it appeared that the majority of the
settings were incorrect. That is, most of the muds which are really
roleplay-accepted were adding the roleplay-required flag and we started
getting many complaints about this, almost on a daily basis. When we reset
the flag we posted an announcement so that mud admins could reset their

At 09:49 AM 09/16/1999 -0500, John Hopson wrote:
>Andrew and Ilya, any chance of providing us with some statistics
>on searches?  How often particular terms and search options are used,
>stuff like that?

When we first added the search engine we had a logging procedure setup to
help us examine keyword searches, but as traffic increased this seemed to
drag down the system performance. The hardware we have been using has been
gradually degrading in performance so we eventually removed the logging...

However, we have just completed a move to a much speedier box and should
be able to setup some extensive logging now. So, what would you like to
see, a breakdown by search terms, options set in the search, etc? Let me
know what info you'd like to see and we'll set that up...

As a side note, due to the move there may be some problems accessing the
site during the next few days... To bypass this you can access the new TMC
at http://mudconnect.mudgate.com (DNS should be updated within 36-48
hours, depending on how your ISP caches IP addresses) 


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