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Fri Sep 17 18:27:50 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

On Fri, 17 Sep 1999, Travis S. Casey wrote:

> Why would he be a rich warrior?  The warrior almost certainly doesn't know
> whether it's a new spell or not -- the only thing he can do is take it to
> some mage to get it identified.  At that point, the question becomes
> whether the mage is going to be honest.

The scenario doesn't matter I was just giving examples to the system being
discussed. The warrior is still rich whether he knows it or not. A thief
could steal it from him, a demi-god could strike him down with lightning,
or he could get smooshed by a runaway wagon full of orc-breath ale. He was
still "rich". 

The point of the example was to show that the -finding spells- system
could have other in-game benefits. It has the potential of unique spells
(atleast for a while anwyays). These unique spells would be extremely
valuable. A good amount of game systems and games I've seen allow spells
to be easily obtainable. In UO I simply purchase scrolls from a vendor and
drop em in my spell book. In stock diku types I get the spells
automatically when I level. Etc. Etc. 

As pointed out by the rest of this thread, the quick spread of information
stops this system dead in its tracks.

Idea: Take out the spellbook factor. Have only scrolls/tablets/etc  that
dissapear when they are used. Then spells can really be rare. Just make
spells an actual resource. All it takes from there is to control the spawn
rate depending on your reset system. 

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