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Fri Sep 17 18:58:01 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

On Fri, 17 Sep 1999 21:54:44 +0200 
emil  <emil at windh.com> wrote:

Writing as list owner:

> I used to use the web site a lot to search in the archives and
> navigate the threads more easily. 

  *IF* my DSL is back up don't ask), I'll be getting search working
again this weekend.  If not, it will be next weekend.

> But the past few months (actually, make that during the summer
> months, I haven't tried now for a while) the site's always been
> down or unavailable. 

  There was an extended period during the summer when connectivity
sucked, yes.  Sorry.  Kanga.Nu now hangs off VA's T3, so bandwidth
and connectivity are no long problems.  There is a strong (double
digit integer) probability that Kanga.Nu will move to a
significantly larger/faster machine in a few weeks, and in fact
might gain a second or third machine.  If so, I will also start
offering other MUD related services possibly encluding hosting.

> If the majority of the hits on the pages are from people like
> myself who use the site as a compliment to the actual mailing list
> then that may very well account for a substantial downfall. 

  If you wander thru the stats at
http://www.kanga.nu/stats/webalizer/ you'll see that I used to get
single users who would browse significant numbers of pages within
short periods.  No more.  I suspect the death of WebGlimpse was the
real killer there.

> Do you do any advertising? 

  No.  In the early days I found subscription rates proportional to
the number of mentions on Usenet.  I haven't posted to Usenet in
almost a year.  Subscription rates are way up and have been up for

> As I think of it, is many members on the list a goal you have for
> MUD-Dev?

  No.  Not in the slightest.  The goal, stated rather simply, is to
advance the state of the MUD art thru discourse.  Mermbership is
necessary for that, but size is not critical beyond a fairly low

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