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Excerpts from muddev: 17-Sep-99 [MUD-Dev] Re: The Best Guy .. by Robin
Cloutman at free4all. 
> I'm trying to work out some way of doing a decent spell system, and this
> does seem good, but the beta testing shows that it doesn't work, therefore
> there needs to be something to stop people just "testing" all the
> combinations in order to find something that works, you say that there are
> set spells, and the spells lead to these, so it's not a basic set that you
> can play with (like micropose's old game "Legend"). How about if the char
> has never used the spell, then it can have catastrophic effects, such as
> random explosions, or some other effect (99% detrimental ;-P), but if they

Or, similarly, have many spells that are "close" to actual spells which
are useless or catastrophic... It might make sense that "whip monster
with chains" might be close to "whip monster with peacock feathers", or
that a slightly wrong invocation of "create water" might cause a small
lake to form directly above the caster's head. 

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