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On Fri, 17 Sep 1999 11:38:20 -0500 (CDT) Fri, 17 Sep 1999 16:12:21 CST, =
Connell <wconnell at adhesive.com> wrote:

> Well it could work out pretty well. Bubba finds the 'Summon Meanthing'
> scroll. He scribes it into his spell book. He then makes other scrolls
> from that spell and gives the scrolls to his fellow guild members. The
> Say an opposing guild get ahold of the 'Summon Meanthing' spell. They
> could then saturate the world with the spell and take away Bubba's =
> secret.

It does sound neat, and would probably work on most muds... but on =
like AC, it's a bloody disaster.  I mean, if there are thousands and
thousands of players and all of them are just part of the big nameless,
faceless crowd, then a LOT of them are going to want - more than spells
that work even - to be recognized as Somebodies.

And the killer is, it doesn't take a lot of them to publish the info to
everyone - it just takes one.

I dunno what they were thinking, but this just seemed like a "wow cool
idea, now how is the WORST possible way we could implement it?  I know!
We'll use STATIC DATA!  And we'll make the PLAYERS learn and share the
spell formulas instead of having their CHARACTERS do it!  We rock!"

I think they should apply the idea to all the skills:  Visit one website =
become a better warrior, hit this other website for more rogue skills...
Maybe do a promotion with link-exchange where you improve your hit points
by visiting the sponsor's site... =20

Oh man... Now I have sarcasm all over my keyboard.


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