[MUD-Dev] Re: chess

Robin Cloutman rycochet at free4all.co.uk
Fri Sep 17 22:23:31 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

On Friday 17-Sep-99, Matthew wrote:
> I'm adding chess into Achaea and I'm wondering if anyone can point me
> towards any language non-specific formulas or helpful information on the
> best ways to do move validation. Thanks!
You might be interested in "crafty", it's a unix chess game that you
*should* be able to call when someone is playing, the source is
distributed with it... sadly I only have the amiga converted source, and
it doesn't show where the original site is, though crafty is (according to
it's docs) pretty well known and you shouldn't have any trouble finding it
if you look. (i hope i'm not putting my foot in my mouth there...)

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