[MUD-Dev] Seeking one or two creative C coders for MURP project.

Darin De Stefano quaeris at bb2.betterbox.net
Sat Sep 18 12:19:06 New Zealand Standard Time 1999


I began playing a MUD about two years ago, after playing pen/paper games
for years. I still think that the magic that arises between players and
the environment, under the right conditions, can be created in a MU*.  

Everywhere I have looked for something similar, I have found sort of tired
echoes of that magic, or knock-offs of old ideas that lack the spark of

My hope is to create a place that really supports and encourages
exploration and role-playing in an atmosphere that's mature, intricate,
and exciting. It's time there was a really mythic, literate,
psyche-feeding, joyful, fantasy roleplaying game.  Something intricate
enough to keep adults fascinated, and give people who are interested a
place to really -explore- the possibilities of text-based online role
playing. A place where people can interact with the mythical fantasy world
in a way that's rewarding and fun. 

We are seeking creative, inspired programmers to help us in the creation
of a text-based MUD environment. We have been at work on this project for
about  a year and a half, and have a stable development environment
running on an Intel linux box. Coding can be done on a home PC, but having
knowledge and access to Linux is preferred, and our server can be used by
all team members.

A good working knowledge of C is required, a sense of teamwork, and the
ability to work a minimum of about 2 hrs/week on the project. Our project
is currently 'hobbyist' class, so we're all volunteers.

Our Platform:

We have an always up server, a majordomo, and a web-based discussion list,
running on Red Hat Linux (intel). We use a RCS code tracking system and
have a good organizational structure within the project, meaning there is
web based record-keeping and things are kept closely updated within it,
creating a resource for our coders.

Engineering produces detailed spec for coders and provides written
guidelines for implementation.

We are currently working with the Mordor 4.62 codebase as a skeleton.
Mordor is a somewhat  primitive codebase, familiarity with C is a must.

Our  Goals:
We want to create an inspired and inspiring team that will allow us to
grow a fantasy-based role-playing environment that is rich, rewarding, and
fun to be a part of.

If you're looking to join a team with some exciting goals, and help us
create something that is actually different in a text-based mud, please
send me some info on yourself, what you're looking for, etc and we'll
quickly set up some time to chat.

Thanks for your time and attention,

quaeris at bb2.betterbox.net

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