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Mik Clarke mikclrk at ibm.net
Sat Sep 18 16:11:15 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

Adam Wiggins wrote:

> Etc etc...the attributes of the shield are not only single-bit values, but
> they do not have a 'best' value.  It's simply up to the character to
> decide what is most effective for them.  And a player who is well aware of
> these interactions is going to do better overall: for example, being smart
> enough to put away their hide shield when faced with an opponent wielding
> a razor-edged katana, or knowing to throw their metal shield at that mage
> standing in the corner casting those nasty 'heat metal' spells.

Unfortunately, most muds are not sufficiently detailed in thier
that there is any significant different between them.  Take CthulhuMud
example.  True to its ROM/diku heritage it allows many things to be
wielded as a shield.  When a player does this, two things happen - there
is a vary small increase in thier overall 'armouredness' which gives a
corresponding very small reduction in the amount of damage they take
an attack and they have a chance (depending on shield skill and the
attackers skill) of completely blocking any incoming attack that can be
blocked by a shield (a few weapons and some spells cannot).  Generally
the ammount of damage a shield can take is related to its weight, but
with no
consideration of the materials and attack forms involved.

Other than magical effects and weight there is really very little to
differentiate between different shields within the game system.  As far
the game is concerned you either have something to use as a shield or
you dont (which allows two handed weapons, dual wield and improves your
spell casting).  In most situations, the best shield is the one that you
are wearing at the time...


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