[MUD-Dev] Algorithms for an Infinite Universe

Ola Fosheim Grøstad <olag@ifi.uio.no> Ola Fosheim Grøstad <olag@ifi.uio.no>
Sun Sep 19 23:30:51 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

There's an article with the above title at:

The formal aspects seems to be missing, so it should be readable also for
the more pragmatic hobbyist. Pseudo random generated universes are of course
very suitable for MUDs with intelligent clients.

There is also an older article "Formal Abstract Design Tools"
(http://www.gamasutra.com/features/19990716/design_tools_07.htm) at
Gamasutra. A rather confusing title as the author doesn't talk about tools,
but a game oriented conceptual vocabulary aiming at analysis and design. The
article also mentions Gamasutra's "Game Design Lexicon". I'm not a
registered user of the site yet (dislike typing in large amounts of
irrelevant personal info), so I wonder if anyone on the list knows what it's
like and if it is growing?

(And if browsing through those chopped up articles made you sleepy, then I'm
sure a Harthouse mix can get your energy level back up:
http://www.krom.de/tlow1.ram :-)

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