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Richard Bartle 76703.3042 at compuserve.com
Mon Sep 20 02:58:59 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

Matthew Mihaly <diablo at best.com> writes:
 >DAMN RIGHT. People play muds modeled after (admittedly very fictionalized)
 >medieval/fantasy/classical worlds, where quick and violent death is a fact
 >of life, where slavery is ok, where rape and infanticide are ok, and yet
 >bitch and moan if their petty rl morals are offended, as if your morality
 >irl is somehow more "right" than that which the gaming world is modeled
        There's an interesting article on MUD morals in a MUDzine written
by one of my players:
        http://www.lexley.freeserve.co.uk/issue3/mmorals.htm .
Her article on the psychology of PKs is also unusually perceptive:
        http://www.lexley.freeserve.co.uk/issue1/nup.htm .

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