[MUD-Dev] Re: Dynamic muds

Ilya Ilya
Mon Sep 20 15:50:25 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

On Mon, 20 Sep 1999 17:37:48 -0500, ryan wrote:

))want players/admins/and especially
))builders' ideas on the subject.

For me as a player, I think it's great.  I get so tired of
inconsistent little gotchas in room descriptions, many of
which _could_ be ironed out by such a system.

I have played in a reasonably-well-done system like this,
or at least it was at the time.  It's The Eternal City,
which is coded in Cold by the way.  Good stuff!

Anyway, the big problem with that system, which is probably
fixed long ago now, was that it tended to get extremely
wordy.  Lots of geographic features were visible from too
far away, etc.

Otherwise, it was great!


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