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Koster Koster
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> > Looks like she moved them here:
> >  http://www.lexley.freeserve.co.uk/witch/issue1/nup.htm
> >  and here:
> >  http://www.lexley.freeserve.co.uk/witch/issue3/mmorals.htm
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> these are quite interesting..i never thought much about the 
> morality of muds 
> till i read those articles..

I live and breathe this stuff. :) I fact, I was pleased to see an essay I
commissioned from a player on LegendMUD several years ago
(http://mud.sig.net/Lectures/essay.html) as one of the citations, as "THE
essay on ethics in muds" or some such...! The psychologist Chuck Haeberle
references there is Bruno Bettelheim, btw.
> sheds some light to say the least..

Without some thinking on issues like this, it's hard to be an effective
admin. It's a good thing to frame player actions in a framework wherein they
are consistent and make sense. Because without that framework, both their
actions are yours are likely to seem arbitrary.


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