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ryan ixiterra at microworld.com
Mon Sep 20 17:37:48 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

At 08:23 PM 9/20/99 +0100, you wrote:
>On Monday 20-Sep-99, ryan wrote:
>> Are truly dynamic
>> rooms, in your opinion, worth spending the extra effort? In dynamic, I
>> mean that the description changes with day/night, seasons, etc. It
>> obviously requires extra work, but not an entire re-write. I want to make
>> sure that, when my mud does go alpha on the internet, that builders will
>> be willing do to this and not be daunted by the task. There is more than
>a minimum of 1024x512 cells... (a planet about 80 miles across) which will
>take up a fraction of the memory with dynamic descriptions. I'm planning
>on allocating about 2-3 megs for them, whereas half a million rooms with
>standard descriptions would probably take tens, or even hundreds of
>megabytes of space (either memory, or disk space if spooling from disk).

This really doesn't cover what I was getting at. I don't need/want to know
how to
program this or how you go about doing it, I want players/admins/and especially
builders' ideas on the subject.

Builders - Are you willing to put the extra code forth to make rooms much more
versatile as season and day/night changes occur? Possibly other things as

Admins - Have you done this system and found it to be successful with builders
a/o players?

Players - How much of an addition do you think dynamic rooms are to the
of the game?

These are the questions which I am looking for answers to, as they are most
in this developmental step of my mud.


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