[MUD-Dev] Re: Dynamic muds

Greg Miller gmiller at classic-games.com
Tue Sep 21 06:09:15 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

Ben Greear wrote:
> However, you don't get anything for free, and though the descriptions are
> better than many hand-crafted ones you'll find, they seem to be inferior
> to what a decent writer could produce.  My (current) opinion
> is that a well written snapshot in time is more pleasing to
> play in than a more technically correct system that changes, but can never
> be fine prose.

I've never actually seen descriptions written by a decent writer... but
then, I'd probably still turn them off if possible, since descriptions
largely tend to hide information rather than conveying it. I'd much
rather see a well-structured list of people, items, etc. in an area with
adjustments to highlight important data.
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