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In <URL:/archives/meow?group+local.muddev> on Tue 21 Sep, Katrina McClelan wrote:
> On Mon, 20 Sep 1999, Ben Greear wrote:

> Jumping into the thread a bit late, The model I had in mind involved
> having items know how to describe themselves (at varied distances, as well
> as "inside" since rooms would be objects themselves), have a
> 'noticability' level, that would affect what would be noticed in a area
> where 30 objects were availible to choose from, meaning that you'd for
> sure notice the large ugly ogre, but not always notice the ruby gem laying
> in the corner of the closet. (a search would obviously locate otherwise
> missed stuff)

> Basically the idea is to generate a room description as the sum
> of the parts:

> You stand inside (an old bamboo hut that has been weather beaten over
> decades of neglect). Some (piles of old rotted wood) fill the corner, and
> (bunches of cobwebs hang from the ceiling).  In the center of (the hut) is
> (a table that has seen better days).  (The door) leads into (the Mirthwood
> Forest).

If I understand all this correctly this is much the same as the solution
I thought up to describe outdoor areas.  It is somewhere on the website,
but the idea was to have any number of locations that have a description
when you are inside of them, and a description for when you look at them
from the outside.  If you use rooms to create a forest you end up with a
hundred rooms with a hundred different descriptions  (or worse, with the
same description !).  The idea I had cooked up would allow you to create
a single forest location and descriptions for fifty different trees that
are then  distributed over the forest area.  The obvious advantages  are
that you have to write less, and you can stand and walk anywhere in that
forest,  instead of moving on a chessboard.  Things like  line of sight,
ranged combat and hiding behind other objects become much easier sudden-
ly as well. It is somewhere on my website but I can not remember the
exact adress right now.

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