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Colin Coghill C.Coghill at auckland.ac.nz
Wed Sep 22 14:50:10 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

Greg Miller wrote:
> I've never actually seen descriptions written by a decent writer... but
> then, I'd probably still turn them off if possible, since descriptions
> largely tend to hide information rather than conveying it. I'd much
> rather see a well-structured list of people, items, etc. in an area with
> adjustments to highlight important data.

Whereas I'd rather have good, detailed descriptions, where I can
interact with 
anything described to achieve things.

I prefer smaller areas with more detailed rooms, where nearly every room
has something interesting to do or see, than large sprawling areas where
room is little more than "A beach, you can go n,s,e or w".

I find it difficult to immerse myself in an environment that is
described and
detailed minimally. I still enjoy the more sparse (may I say "DikuMUD"
games), but they're a different experience entirely.

I guess it depends who your target audience is.

The typical "brief" mode would work well in this situation though.

- Colin
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