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Wed Sep 22 18:54:52 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

Saw this post in rgcuo.  Looks like he read the =
thing.  Or maybe just skimmed it.

I don't really have any comment of my own to add to this.  I just find it
to be... uhm... weird.  I think I'll go hunt-down the original article.  =
maybe I won't.  Bedaffling.

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Newsgroups: rec.games.computer.ultima.online
Subject: Garriot Speaks about PKs (fairly long)
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 1999 19:23:35 +0100

I thought newsgroup regulars might be interested in
an article which appears in the Oct edition of the UK
games mag, PC Zone. It's a Q&A type interview
with Richard Garriot, where he talks about OSI's games
and, in particular, the problems of running Ultima Online.

The reporter, speaking about UO, asks Garriot: "What about
adventure and excitement?"

Garriot replies:

We can break up the world into four basic types...the achievers,
people who want to win, to be the best at things, who want to feel
big in some way...

...the second group are the explorers...people who want to see
 everything, know every magic spell, find every weapon. When people
want to ask an expert about the game, these are the ones they go to.
These make up the majority of players.

The next biggest group are the roleplayers, people who just want to
live and exist in the world and be a part of it in some meaningful way...

The fourth group are the ones who are the most interesting to talk about
- the dissidents.They include everyone from PKillers to the people who
try to crash the servers and hack into the system or harass people. They
get their jollies out of just bucking the system. They're a small but =
percentage of the players...


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