[MUD-Dev] an essay on PK

Matthew Mihaly diablo at best.com
Thu Sep 23 14:43:12 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

On Thu, 23 Sep 1999, Rhonda Alexander wrote:

> I agree with Marian in that many players have different expectations when
> they log on to a game. Many of us 'come from' traditional table-top role
> playing games where, depending upon the group, PK may be an extreme faux
> pas; where a player that engages in gratuitous PKing would be considered =
> 'problem player' and possibly banned from the game. Many gamers expect
> troupe-style play or a rough equivalent when they attempt the online
> 'equivalents' of their favorite role-playing game.

This perception is, in my opinion, a major problem with most muds. MUDs
are not computerised versions of table top games. They are their own type
of game.  Baldur's Gate is a computerized version of AD&D (never played
it, but I understand they've been very very faithful to the AD&D rules),
but it's not a MUD.

> And to talk about whiners=85 my favorite MUSH that I play on finally got
> around to instituting the equivalent of PK and Non-PK flags. You shoulda
> heard the PKers WHINE. 8)

Sure, limit any previously-existing positive freedom and you can expect
players to bitch and moan. Pk and Non-Pk flags are likely to be seen as
extremely ooc (because they are) and as very "artificial" (don't even ask
me for a definition there. It's just what a player is likely to say.)

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