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Fri Sep 24 12:57:32 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

On Thu, Sep 23, 1999 at 02:36:23PM -0700, Matthew Mihaly wrote:
> Ilya wrote:
> > ))Players may, upon initially starting, be annoyed
> > ))by such things, but in my experience, they simply accept it as inherent in
> > ))the world, and move on, very quickly.
> > 
> > In my experience many do, perhaps most, but many do not.
> Yes, Im' willing to grant the many do not while accepting that most do.
> It's not worth it (to me) to spend the huge amount of effort needed to
> please everyone, if most people don't care.

  I think this gets back to consistency.

  If the only thing characters are expected to interact with is mobs 
and other players, then most probably won't care about "missing items"
in rooms.

  If the only items they interact with are seperately listed from the
room description, no problem.

  However, builder X comes along and places a lever in the description 
for room Y which, through the use of something like a "room program", 
teleports a character to some otherwise inaccessable area. Once this action
becomes known to players, most I think will expect to be able to interact
with objects mentioned in room descriptions across the entire mud...

  Obviously, if there are hints around that there is a "very special lever"
nearby, most players will realise this is a one of a kind thing.

  The same holds true, if you have mobs that react to speech, players 
should expect acknowledgement that their character has spoken to any mob,
not just the three mobs the builders have bothered programming. It seems
really stupid to me that someone will just stand there like a statue, 
suddenly burst into ten lines of flowery prose when someone passes by and
says 'xyzzy', then go back to silence.

  Malcolm V.
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