[MUD-Dev] what players want, what I want

Justin Lockshaw jlockshaw at signio.com
Sat Sep 25 07:00:16 New Zealand Standard Time 1999

-<tones of snip>-
:: ))[Matthew Mihaly]
:: ))Players may, upon initially starting, be annoyed
:: ))by such things[inconsistancies with world/objects/etc.], but in my
experience, they simply accept 
:: it as inherent in
:: ))the world, and move on, very quickly.
:: [Ilya]
:: In my experience many do, perhaps most, but many do not.

As Matthew stated upon initially starting any sort of 'mustrisking' (What an
odd verb.) I have found that players are often annoyed and some even baffled
by the inconstancies. As you both suggest many, if not most simply accept
any inconstancies as game physics and move on. 
I have tried to create players out of many people by introducing them to the
games and this one thing, although perhaps not terribly detrimental to the
adapted player base, has been the major cause of discontentment among the
newly introduced. Even if they adapt well and are role players, I find this
tends to add to the general lack of want to come back for more. I am quite
sorry to say that this has been the case for the majority of people I have
introduced to this online 'sport' if you will. Some of them play for a while
and then just forget about it, while some like it(at least aspects), but
never go back at all. Others say that they are "Just a more graphical
person." Although the ones that say that are generally the ones who are the
role-players who also read a lot of books and who's computer game collection
rarely includes intensive graphical games.  

As a specific example one of them stated that he likes the game, at least in
theory, but he just can't do the things he would want to. Quickly peeking my
interest I began to interrogate him as to what it is that he would want to
do and received the following response; 
"Well I'm a thief, and I walk through hallways embedded with gems that I
cant even look at them or try to steal them or anything. I don't care if I
could never get them out I'd at least want to try. Things like that and like
getting on rooftops or becoming a burglar, climbing in windows and stuff. if
I could be a real thief i'm sure I would play but instead I'm a warrior that
can pick peoples pockets and leave rooms without anyone looking and that's
about it."

My point being although we as a community might accept the shortcomings IMO
they will turn away a lot of new people who might otherwise join the


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