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Matthew Mihaly diablo at best.com
Mon Sep 27 13:22:38 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

On Sat, 25 Sep 1999, Marian Griffith wrote:

> > From: Matthew Mihaly <diablo at best.com>
> > >If they complain vocally, then yes. Everyone is living in the same virtual
> > >world,
> Ah, but are they? I obviously did not express myself clearly enough. The
> point I was trying to make was that players do not -expect- to be living
> in the same virtual world. I was not pointing at a right or wrong situa-
> tion but at a shattered expectations one.

Yes, clearly they are existing in the same virtual world. I agree that the
players may not expect to be living in the same virtual world, but that's
life. If you knew every detail about a game ahead of time, it'd not be a
lot of fun, to my mind.

> This is  in fact  the problem that is expressed by 'the Stampcollectors
> Dilemma' in the faq. Can, and should, you cater for all different types
> of play and all different interests in the same game?

You can't, it's fundamentally impossible. You cannot, for instance, cater
simultaneously to those who want 100% rp and those who do not. Either you
have 100% rp or you don't. Numerous other examples would be easy to give
(those who want no p-killing at all, and those who want some, for


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