[MUD-Dev] ADMIN: We're moving again

J C Lawrence claw at varesearch.com
Mon Sep 27 15:04:48 New Zealand Daylight Time 1999

Writing as list owner:

  Kanga.Nu is about to again, this time to a a new box.  The old
AlphaStation is beginning to show its age and Larry McVoy is far too
happy with it for BitKeeper development for me to deny him.  The new
box is a dual PIII with 512Meg RAM and four 9Gig SCSI Ultra-III
drives in a 2U rackmount -- a lot more colo happy than the current

  The move should happen by or before this coming weekend.  It won't 
happen before the 1st of October.  


    All your mailman passwords will probably change.  You may also
    lose your subscription configuration (digest, nomail, etc).
    Sorry.  The current MailMan installation has some accumulated
    dust that is best cleaned by a reinstall rather than moving the
    list configs over.  MailMan will be sending you your current
    subscription data and passwords before the move so you can
    re-implement them with the new system.  We have just under 600
    subscribers now.  I will try and make sure I copy over all the
    configs, but I'm not going to promise perfection.

    All subscriptions that are set to NOMAIL and are not also HIDDEN
    will be removed.  Why?  I had MailMan configured to NOMAIL
    addresses that bounce until I was happy that the feature worked
    well enough to rely on.  I'm now happy.  If you have an account
    set to NOMAIL, also set it HIDDEN and I won't delete it.


    Search will work.  UdmSearch is testing out well at almost
    three times faster than WebGlimpse, and without WebGlimpse's
    scaling problems.  Its a little less featured than WebGlimpse
    (it loses the context quotes for instance), but adds some
    language sensitivity (it understands affixes, refixes,
    inflections etc).  The big change is that the entire site, all
    archives, etc, get indexed under a single index.  Happily
    adding "MUD-Dev &" to your search string will keep your search
    within the MUD-Dev archives.  There are instructions to this
    effect on the new search page.

    All the list archives will need to be regenned to show the new
    search features.  This may take a few days after the initial

    The FTP archives will be growing again.  If you'd like to assist
    in maintaining them, even if only for your files or just to
    provide a handy mirror, please drop me a direct email.


    A Yahoo-style set of MUD resources with locally mirrored copies
    (links to both local mirrors and the original site) is being
    tested.  If it works well enough it will be open to user
    submissions via web form etc.  Anything that is fair game for
    MUD-Dev would be grist for the mill.  This is intended to
    fulfill the promise of the Kanga.Nu Library and to finally
    provide the documentary backdrop for MUD-Dev that the archives
    don't quite satisfy.

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